St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Parish

Posen, Illinois


Classes are available for children in Grades 1 through 12.  Catechists are certified by the Archdiocese of Chicago, and every catechist and staff member of St. Stanislaus parish has completed Virtus training, which includes background checks, to ensure the safety and protection of our children.

Special Religious Education Services (SPRED) are also available for those who are challenged in any way.  Participants learn about our faith, pray together, and receive the sacraments of the Church under the guidance of qualified teachers.

Registration normally takes place during July and August in the Parish Center.  Families must be registered parishioners.  Tuition is based on the number of children in the family registered for classes, and additional fees are assessed if a student is celebrating a sacrament.  A copy of the student’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate, and First Communion and/or Confirmation certificates, where applicable, are required at the time of registration.

Parents are also required to attend regular formation meetings.  Once each month during the school year, families are expected to participate in the Family Mass at 10:30 a.m.   There is also a retreat for parents and students who are preparing for First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation.

Students are required to participate in the religious program for two years prior to celebrating the sacraments of Confirmation or First Communion.


Lay Ministers, trained in bereavement counseling, are available to help those who mourn the death of a loved one.  They assist with the arrangement of the funeral prayers and are part of the team who, with the family, celebrate the vigil service at wakes.  Also, Father Pius Kokose is a certified hospital chaplain.





•  Ushers greet and assist those who come to celebrate Eucharist
    on weekends and holy days.


•  Altar Servers assist the priest celebrant at liturgies.


•  Proclaimers of the Word proclaim the First and Second Readings at
   Sunday Masses.


•  Commentators make announcements and lead general intercessions
    when no deacon is present.


•  Extraordinary Ministers of Communion help distribute Communion
   when necessary.


•  Ministers of Care take Communion to shut-ins or those in the hospital.


•  Leaders of Song, those who play musical instruments, and
    choir members lead the assembly in song.


•  Coro Nino, Children’s Choir, sings at the 12:15 p.m. Mass on the last
    Sunday of each month.  They also proclaim the First and
    Second Readings.


•  Catechists assist parents in teaching what the Catholic Church
    professes; they nurture the faith of their students,  guide them in
    prayer, especially participation in the Eucharist, and encourage
    them to serve others.


•  Charismatic Prayer Leaders lead the prayer meetings, provide music,
    lead the hymns, and arrange events.


•  Bereavement Ministers listen, console, and pray with those who mourn. 
   They assist bereaved families with funeral arrangements and are part of
   the team that prays with the family and friends at the vigil (wake)


•  Sacristans clean the sacred vessels, altar cloths, towels, albs, etc.


•  Art and Environment people arrange and decorate the worship area to
    enhance the sacred celebrations according to the seasons of the
    liturgical year or the needs of special occasions.





•  Juan Diego-Guadalupe Production
   (scenery, music, costumes, participants)


•  Via Crucis (scenery, music, costumes, participants)


•  May Crowning

   (Outdoor crowning of the statue of Mary, on the first Sunday of May,
   after the 12:15 p.m. Mass.) This event includes prayer and a procession
   led by children, the Altar and Rosary Society, and other ministers
   in the parish.


•  Posada

   (includes snacks and treats for the children)


•  Christmas Pageant (English)

   (prior to 10:30 a.m. Epiphany Mass)


•  Christmas Pageant (Spanish)

   (prior to 12:15 p.m. Epiphany Mass)




Altar and Rosary Society
This group of women meets at 1:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month, from September through May.  Presently, they meet in the parish hall.  They pray together, raise funds for the parish, and socialize through pot-luck lunches, fun, and games.  All women of the parish are invited to join.  Dues are minimal; benefits are countless.

Guadalupe Committee
These men and women arrange the Guadalupe decorations, prayer, and festivities for the celebration that culminates on December 12.  They continue to gather throughout the year, in the church, to honor and ask for Our Lady’s intercession, also offering their generous assistance to other parish events.

Jornada Matrimonial
Organized for the benefit of those who are married, these Catholic couples gather together, pray together, and make religious retreats together for strength and support.

Folklore Dance Group
This dance group entertains at parish events and also offers their talents for liturgical services.

Youth Group—Soccer and Basketball
Presently in formation, this group will be available to young people, age thirteen through eighteen.  They will have the opportunity to gather in the parish hall for sports activities and participate in other social events arranged by the leaders.




On-Going Food Collection for People in Need
Crates are provided in both foyers of the church for donations of non-perishable food items.  Food is given to the local Catholic Charities center for distribution to those in need.

Christmas Giving Tree
The age, clothing size, and gender of children in need are offered to parishioners, who then purchase Christmas gifts and wrap them for distribution.

Rice Bowl
Parishioners sacrifice during Lent, saving money in a special container for six weeks to contribute to Catholic Relief Services for those in need.

Baby Bottles
Empty baby bottles are distributed to parishioners at the beginning of October (Respect Life Month). People fill the bottles with donations, and the bottles are brought in at the end of the month.  Contributions are given to the Women’s Center of Greater Chicagoland.

Monetary Collections for those in Need

Catholic Campaign for Human Development World Missions

Propagation of the Faith
Missionary Co-op Plan        

Catholic Relief Services
Retired Religious        

Retired Priests Catholic Charities        

Cardinal’s Appeal

Church in Poland    

Church in Latin America

Peter’s Pence

Envelopes for the above collections are provided in each box of envelopes given to parishioners at the beginning of the year.   Contributions can be made by check or cash.  

Last Testament, Wills, Donations of Real Estate
(Tax Deductible)  Call the rectory for more information.




The bin on McKinley Avenue is for recycling magazines, white paper, newspapers, and catalogs.  The parish is given a share of the profit, based on the amount of paper collected.

Share the Wealth
This is a monthly drawing.  By buying a ticket for $1.00, you have one chance to win.  There is no limit to the number of chances you can buy. Fifty percent of the money taken in each month is given to the church. The other half is split between three winners, whose names are drawn at the end of the month. The more tickets sold, the more the amount of the winnings. Envelopes to enter are in both foyers of the church.

Raffle for Religious Articles
There is a raffle that takes place at the end of the Sunday 12:15 Mass each week.  Prizes are select religious articles.  Tickets can be purchased in the foyers of the church prior to the beginning of Mass.

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