St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Parish

Posen, Illinois

Mission Narrative


The parish family of St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr, guided by the spirit of our patron, St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr, seeks to create a community that reflects a mission of sharing God's love, compassion and mercy. We also seek to inspire the community of the faithful, through the liturgy, service, education and hospitality, to be faithful and committed to proclaiming the Good News.


St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr Parish is an integral part of the founding and naming of the town where  it is located, Posen, whose first pastor was also the first mayor. The parish plans to develop a community by which evangelization serves as an example for those seeking hope and meaning in their lives and others, that they may follow our footsteps in the path that leads to Christ.


Our patron saint, as bishop of Cracow, St. Stanislaus was a man who concentrated on a Christian's conversion to the Lord, whose direction through the Gospel taught Christ crucified, risen, and present in the Eucharist. In so doing, he became a voice against political crime and social injustice leading to his martyrdom. Much like his martyrdom, the transformation process may seem disheartening, his virtues of humility, generosity, courage, strength, and faith are to be imitated in our parish life today as our vision is to forward the mission of Christ within St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr Parish so that the parishioners become seeds that bear great fruit spiritually.


Our vision of "communio" emerges from a rich life of shared prayer, which nurtures our parish community and enables us to acknowledge collective gifts and challenges, our occasions of sin and moments of grace. The gift of the vibrant liturgy brings to life God's ultimate gift of Love, inspiring us to renew our baptismal promises and the discipleship to which Jesus calls us to welcome the stranger, to serve one another, and to go forth carrying God's transforming spirit into the parish, the community, and the world.


As we continue to grow, we must encourage each other to act as spiritual stewards, advocating for those in need while creating a sense of compassion and justice on this journey. As such, stewardship becomes a lifestyle whereby we offer to God our time, talent, and treasure.


St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr,

whose spirit is in our midst,

we ask you to take our love

and protect us from above,

through your intercession before God.


Your loyalty to God we know;

lead us, and guide us as one parish.

May your spirit be beside us.

Teach us to love and pray

as we go along our unifying way.




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